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Valco - Snap Ultra Tailormade

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The Snap Ultra builds on the success of the Snap family, by offering full 
  seat reversibility and recline. 
- The seat can also be completely removed and replaced with a dedicated
  bassinet, or car capsule*
- With the seat separated from the frame, the most youll need to lift is just 
  over 5kgs - surely making the Snap Ultra one of the lightest prams available
  anywhere today.
- Compatible with a number of ride-on platforms and accessories including a tailored
  raincover and UV protective MirrorMesh, the Snap is sure to live up to its name.
- Includes bootcover.
- 4 Stage Expanda Hood:
  This hood has been designed to provide maximum protection from excessive 
  sunlight as well as inclement weather.
Gate Opening Bumper Bars:
  This bumper bar is hinged from both sides, allowing you easy access to the 
  seat from either direction. You can also remove the bar if required.
Lockable Front Wheels:
  The front wheels of the Snap Ultra are lockable to reduce vibration and improve 
  handling over rough terrain or uneven surfaces.
Tilt Loc Brakes:
  Marked in red according to Australian Standards. The concealed brake system
  has been aesthetically streamlined without compromising function or safety.
Removable Wheels: The Snap Ultra wheels can be removed at the press of
  a button, making it perfect for travel.
Age Suitability: newborn - 20kgs.
Weight of pram: 8.2 kgs.