Shnuggle Dreami Moses Basket
Shnuggle Dreami Moses Basket
Shnuggle Dreami Moses Basket
Shnuggle Dreami Moses Basket

Shnuggle Dreami Moses Basket

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Shnuggle Dreami® is a multi award winning, moses basket, designed to keep baby close to you but safe in their own cosy sleeping space. It can be used as a bedside crib for night time feeding and is easily moved around your home during the day – so no need to buy more than one bed for baby.

The ventilated base is larger than traditional moses baskets and made from a silent, easy to clean material. The fabrics are made from breathable mesh cotton which can be easily removed and washed.

    Suitable from 0 – 6 months or until baby can roll over or starts to pull themselves up.

    Baby safety is our number one focus and the Shnuggle Dreami® is designed around Safe Sleep expert advice. The advice is to “Place your baby to sleep in a separate cot or Moses basket in the same room as you for the first 6 months, even during the day.” As the Dreami weighs only 4KG’s it is easy to carry around (even if you’ve just had a baby).

    The Dreami® Baby Sleeper has a hypo allergenic, ventilated base and cotton facing breathable fabrics to maximise airflow and help regulate baby’s temperature.

    Easy to clean

    The Dreami® Baby Sleeper base is easy to clean – it can be washed with a gentle anti bacterial cleaner, the fabrics are machine washable and the mattress cover can be removed and washed too.

    It is recommended that baby sleeps in the same room with you from newborn to six months. The Dreami is a generous size, larger than traditional Moses baskets and will enable you to keep baby with you day and night.

    Fixed or gentle rocking
    The curve stand that comes with the Shnuggle Dreami can be used in a fixed or low level rocking position. This means you can use it beside your bed or anywhere around your home and gently rock baby is a front to back motion. It is also foldable for travel.

    • Larger than traditional Moses Baskets and includes mattress and stand it offers good value for money (0-6 months)
    • Light weight and easy to move keeping baby close (Only 4 KG)
    • The wickerless material makes it easy to clean and silent when baby moves
    • Ventilated base and breathable mesh fabrics for better airflow
    • Fold away white wooden stand can be used in two positions; fixed or rocking

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