LolliPop Smart Baby Monitor
LolliPop Smart Baby Monitor
LolliPop Smart Baby Monitor
LolliPop Smart Baby Monitor
LolliPop Smart Baby Monitor
LolliPop Smart Baby Monitor

LolliPop Smart Baby Monitor

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The Lollipop Smart Wi-Fi Baby Monitor & Camera was designed for parents like you, by parents like you: who want to be able to check in on their baby for peace of mind. As parents, we understand how hard it is to fulfill your job as a parent. As technologists and engineers, we care about using new technologies in a smart yet simple way. Our goal is to apply technology so you can relax, share and enjoy precious moments with your children.

Smart, helpful and friendly!
The Lollipop supports parents from newborn days to toddler playtime.

Crisp daytime images. Powerful night vision.
Our infrared LED lens gives you a clear view during the night because what happens in the dark is just as important. And just as adorable.

Instant app alerts for peace of mind.
Decide which notifications get sent to your smartphone, then view the live feed or event videos to see what’s going on.

  • Crying Detection
  • Noise Detection
  • Crossing Detection

Cry Detection
The Lollipop can tell the difference between ambient noises like wind and when your child needs attention. If baby cries when you’re out of the room, you’ll receive an alert to let you know.

Cross Detection
Set a border inside the camera view to track movements in your baby’s crib. If anything happens outside the border, for instance if baby’s leg gets stuck, you’ll be notified.

Data History
Does your little one fuss at the same time every day? Or does something specific make them upset? The longer you use the Lollipop, the more you’ll learn.

Invite friends and family to take a peek at baby with a link to the Lollipop's live camera view, or send a link to a pre-recorded video of a specific event.

Event List
The Lollipop saves a 30-second video(7 days) of significant events such as crying or environmental alerts. This means if anything unusual happens, you can go back and review.

Live View
Curious what's happening in baby's world? Look at the Lollipop live feed on your tablet or smartphone check on baby from anywhere you are.

In our Lollipop app we provide multi-streaming with up to four cameras at the same time. Should you have more than one baby to watch out, no worries, we've got it all covered!

Audio monitor
Turn on the audio monitor feature and the Lollipop works like a traditional sound monitor. It’s perfect for overnight monitoring if your baby sleeps in another room, or for listening in on quiet playtime.
*Camera and mobile devices MUST be connected to the same Wi-Fi.

Privacy Mode
Activate the “Privacy Mode” setting when you’re connected to your home’s Wi-Fi network so your camera’s data isn’t uploaded to our cloud. For added security, always make sure your Lollipop’s firmware is up-to-date and your wifi password is long and hard to guess.
*Camera and mobile devices MUST be connected to the same Wi-Fi.


  • Live HD Feed
  • Sound Machine
  • Two-Way Talk
  • Audio monitor
  • Sharing
  • Crying Detection
  • Crossing Detection
  • Mobile Phone Environment
  • Wi-Fi/4G/3G
  • OS Version: iOS 8.0 or later, Android 4.4(KitKat) or later
  • Mobile device requirement: Bluetooth 4.0 (BLE), Android Phones, iPhone 4s or later, iPad (3rd generation) or later, iPad mini (all)
  • Sensor Specification: SONY IMX.225 CMOS Sensor, 1/3', 1.27 Mega Pixels
  • Video: H.264, 720P at 30 frame/second
  • AC Power Adaptor: Input:100–240VAC, 0.5A, Output:5VDC, 2A
  • Camera Input Power: 5VDC, 2A
  • Night Vision: 8 infrared LED 940nm IR light for short distance monitor, 8 infrared LED 850nm IR light for long distance monitor, both would automatically turn on depends on distance, IR Cut filter
  • Field of view: 128° Diagonal
  • Audio: Speaker/Microphone
  • Lighting :RGB LED
  • Lens: Made in Japan - High Resolution Lens-Computer 1/2.7", F1.8, 105。 Wide FOV
  • KEEP the Lollipop Smart Baby Camera and cords out of reach of children.

    WARNING : This product is not a toy. NEVER allow children to play with it. 



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