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Bonikka - Sofia Jointed Doll

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Meet Sofia, a lovely 36cm jointed fabric doll. She is the perfect doll to snuggle with. Her legs and arms are movable, and she can stand on her own. In addition, she has lovely hair that children will enjoy playing with.

This set comes in a lovely display box that is designed to function as a beautiful armoire to store her clothing when not in use.

  • Her dress and underpants are removable, or you could dress her up in a different outfit for a special occasion.
  • Comes with 2 other outfits, a bag, headband and a small teddy bear
  • She is 36cms tall
  • Sofia features movable limbs for extended play options
  • Manufactured with socially responsible practices.
Ragdolls are a traditional children's toy. Soft dolls or cloth figures that are historically handmade and stuffed with scraps of materials, faces are stitched with simple features. Ragdolls are among the oldest toys in existence and have been used to comfort and teach nurturing skills to young children across many centuries. Ragdoll soft toys have a special place in the lives of children and parents. Ragdolls will always have a timeless appeal to children and offer the following benefits: